Ryan Gosling ‘Disney’ poster shows us a fake biopic that will never happen


This poster would have people believe that Ryan Gosling is set to play Walt Disney in the Ron Howard-directed biopic "Walt." But despite its convincing appearance, the poster is as fake as the film.

"Walt" is actually the creation of French artist Pascal Witaszek. Disney has no plans to make a biopic of its founder any time soon, but this faux poster currently making the Internet rounds is sure to get Disney thinking. Who wouldn't want to see the Gos star as the legendary animator and impresario?

Witaszek has also created a number of other convincing posters, including one featuring a gorgeous rendering of Olivia Wilde as legendary star Elizabeth Taylor and another for a made-up movie called "False Step," starring action giants Daniel Craig, Jason Statham, and Dwayne Johnson. If you didn't know better, you'd swear his creations were legitimate promotional material for real films.

Fan-made movie posters are nothing new. Imagination and easy access to photo manipulation tools have practically turned mock movie poster making into a cottage industry on the Web.

Earlier this year designer, Peter Stultz showcased a fantastic series of alternate universe movie posters he'd created. Superhero movies also seem particularly popular for these wannabe movie marketers. Fan-made posters for "The Avengers" and the unlikely-to-be-made "Wonder Woman" starring Megan Fox look surprisingly official.

The movie studios need to start paying attention to these fans. They need to either start making these dreamed-up movies a reality, or hire the incredibly talented designers who thought them up to work on the real thing.

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