New Zealand Six60 Outdoor Concert Draws Crowd Of 20,000 After Months Of Zero COVID-19 Cases

No, this isn’t the pages of a history textbook documenting life before COVID-19. This is from Jan.16, 2021 at the Waitangi sports grounds in Waitangi, New Zealand.

The town hosted Six60, an outdoor concert with 20,000 attendees sans social distancing and face masks.That’s because New Zealand has been without a COVID-19 case since mid-November of 2020.

It’s the second streak the island nation of 5 million hopes to keep alive.New Zealand went three months in 2020 from June to August without any new infections.

The country was aggressive in containment early during the global pandemic with a nation-wide lockdown for 6 weeks back in March 2020 prior to any known COVID-19 deaths. The country also closed borders to non-citizens and placed returning nationals under self-quarantine.

Finally, the country is still maintaining its system of regular testing and contact tracing to contain the virus.