Zack Snyder explains Rebel Moon 2's devastating twist

michiel huisman as gunnar and sofia boutella as kora, rebel moon part 2 the scargiver
Zack Snyder explains Rebel Moon 2 sad twistNetflix

Rebel Moon 2 spoilers follow.

Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver has dropped on Netflix, showcasing the next adventures for Zack Snyder's band of space warriors, and the director has talked about the film's most tragic twist.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Snyder talked about the impact of the death of Gunnar (played by Michiel Huisman), Kora's love interest who was fatally shot while the pair faced off against Noble.

When asked why Kora can't have anything go right for her, the director said: "As far as love goes and loving and the why of loving, Gunnar is probably the first lover she'd had that was transcendent of war. This lover was outside of the conflict, and he was just a guy, really.

michiel huisman as gunnar, rebel moon part 2 the scargiver

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"Gunnar is a good guy, but he's just a guy. He's not necessarily a soldier or a leader, and it's a stepping stone for her. She's on this journey of catharsis as well, obviously, and Gunnar's sacrifice is part of that journey."

It's not the only twist in the film, as it's revealed that Princess Issa is actually still alive, which sets up the plot for potential further films.

Teasing without revealing the specifics, Snyder said: "Balisarius is back on the Motherworld, and Issa is somewhere else in hiding.

"They have this thing called the Order of 12, which are the 12 original Jimmies that protected the royal family, and they were all destroyed, except for one called Bartholomew. So [Issa and Bartholomew] are probably hiding somewhere in the universe.

michiel huisman as gunnar and sofia boutella as kora, rebel moon part 2 the scargiver

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"The story of movie three would be tracking her down and finding out how they can use the victory at Veldt to create a coalition of planets that were on the edge of rebellion, but have now seen the example of downing a dreadnought.

"Maybe now there's an opportunity. It's a chink in the armor."

Both Rebel Moon films are available to stream on Netflix now, with director's cut versions set for later this year.

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