All About Zach Wilson's Parents, Mike and Lisa Wilson

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson is one of Mike and Lisa Wilson's six children

<p>Lisa Wilson Instagram</p> Michael, Lisa, and Zach Wilson in 2021

Lisa Wilson Instagram

Michael, Lisa, and Zach Wilson in 2021

Zach Wilson's 2023 season in the National Football League came in with a bang.

The quarterback has found a more predominant role in the New York Jets' lineup after Aaron Rodgers suffered a season-ending tear to his Achilles during the team's debut game on Sept. 11. While the home crowd at Metlife Stadium was far from impressed with Zach's unexpected promotion, he had the support of his parents, Mike and Lisa Wilson, in his corner.

Mike and Lisa raised Zach and their five other children in Utah. And while Zach is the most well-known Wilson, the family has become a sports legacy in their home state. All the Wilson boys are football players, with Mike leading the pack to success on the field.

From coaching his youth football team to being with Zach on Draft Day, here's everything to know about Zach Wilson’s parents, Mike and Lisa Wilson.

They’ve been married for over two decades

<p>Lisa Wilson Instagram</p> Michael and Lisa Wilson in 2020

Lisa Wilson Instagram

Michael and Lisa Wilson in 2020

Mike and Lisa tied the knot on March 8, 1997. On the couple's 24th wedding anniversary, Lisa shared a heartfelt video to her husband on Instagram.

"24 years ago today, I married a hunk of burnin' love," Lisa began. "And that dude still gives me butterflies when he walks in a room. He makes me crazy and makes me want to scream all day, but that passion is what keeps our love hot and I love it."

She continued, "Together, we have built the most perfectly imperfect, chaotic, beautiful life and I wouldn't change it for the world."

They share six children

<p>Lisa Wilson Instagram</p> Zach Wilson with his parents, Michael and Lisa, and his siblings, Whitney, Micah, Josh, Isaac, and Sophie.

Lisa Wilson Instagram

Zach Wilson with his parents, Michael and Lisa, and his siblings, Whitney, Micah, Josh, Isaac, and Sophie.

The Wilson brood is a big one! Lisa and Mike are the proud parents of six children: daughters Whitney and Sophie, and sons Zach, Micah, Josh and Isaac.

In 2021, their eldest child, Whitney, got married — and Lisa shared how ecstatic she was for her daughter on Instagram.

"Whitney is our light," she wrote. "When she found her perfect person, we wanted to make sure that she was celebrated, just like she has always celebrated all of us her entire life."

Lisa's Instagram is filled with photos of her family, and in July 2023, she paid tribute to her husband and children with a video compilation of their memories together.

Mike coached Zach in youth football

<p>Lisa Wilson Instagram</p> Michael Wilson with his kids, Zach, Whitney, Micah, Josh, Isaac, and Sophie.

Lisa Wilson Instagram

Michael Wilson with his kids, Zach, Whitney, Micah, Josh, Isaac, and Sophie.

Mike is no newcomer to football. He was a defensive lineman for the University of Utah long before Zach was born. However, he later found his calling in mentoring his boys as they grew up playing the sport.

Mike's impact on Zach's career started when he was just a kid playing flag football. Zach was 5 years old, and the team needed a coach. Weeks went by before anyone claimed the spot, and though Mike was adamant he did not want to lead the team of youngsters, the role ended up changing his life.

“I am like, ‘I am not coaching,’ ” Mike told Desert News in June 2023. “I’ll do anything they want so I can be involved, but I’m not going to be the coach.” However, he buckled, took the position, and became a mentor to his children and others alike.

“I had no idea how much I would enjoy it, or enjoy working with my boys or coaching other kids,” he added.

From flag football to the NFL, Mike's boys have gone on to find success in the sport. Zach's brothers, Josh and Micah, both became linebackers at Brigham Young University. His youngest brother, Isaac, is a four-star quarterback at his high school and has committed to playing football at the University of Utah, just like his dad.

Lisa loves fitness and cooking

<p>Lisa Wilson Instagram</p> Lisa Wilson

Lisa Wilson Instagram

Lisa Wilson

Mike may have been helping his kids with their athletic careers from early on, but it was Lisa who kept them fueled at home. She often shares her recipes with her followers on Instagram, from chicken enchiladas to salmon sushi bowls.

She also has her own online shop that sells crewnecks with cheeky quotes and dainty jewelry pieces.

Lisa made headlines following the 2021 NFL Draft

<p>Lisa Wilson Instagram</p> Zach Wilson and Lisa Wilson during the 2021 NFL Draft

Lisa Wilson Instagram

Zach Wilson and Lisa Wilson during the 2021 NFL Draft

When Zach was drafted to the NFL in 2021, it was Lisa who caught the attention of fans. After the mother-son duo shared a sweet moment during the draft, some fans tweeted about her looks.

"Aye, anyone got Zach Wilson's mom's number?" one fan wrote on X (formerly Twitter). Another chimed in, "Zach Wilson’s moms hot. She single? #NFLDraft2021."

All eyes remained on Lisa as Zach began his media tour following the draft. When Zach was interviewed by New York's WFAN radio station, host Craig Carton said, per TMZ, “Your mom has become the lead story, and I say that respectfully because people are like, ‘the star of the first round of the draft is Mrs. Wilson because she’s a very attractive woman.’ "

Carton continued, “And, I’m just wondering how awkward that is for you, that you just got picked second overall in the NFL draft, and the focus is, wow, his mom is really hot."

Zach responded that it was not "his favorite," and he hoped to keep his mom out of the spotlight. "She’s an awesome lady and I love having her support," he added.

Ahead of the 2022 season, however, Zach was wrapped up in a social media spectacle that unfolded after one of Zach's ex-girlfriends claimed that the quarterback was "sleeping with his mom's best friend" in a since-removed comment.

Though the claim sparked an internet frenzy, Zach slyly acknowledged the rumors on Instagram, writing, "Took the boyz to @gozzerranchclub in Idaho before camp! Poor cell service...what I miss?" alongside images of him and his Jets teammates.

They continue to show support for their son

<p>Lisa Wilson Instagram</p> Zach, Isaac, Lisa, Josh, and Micah Wilson.

Lisa Wilson Instagram

Zach, Isaac, Lisa, Josh, and Micah Wilson.

Since Zach made his NFL debut, Mike and Lisa have been supportive of their son's professional career. Recently, Lisa came to her son's defense after Jets fans threw water bottles at Zach during a game.

“That happened after they won the game. Hit him right in the head. Awesome,” Lisa wrote in a sarcastic response on her Instagram Story, along with a thumbs-up emoji.

She also reshared a clip of the incident that called Jets fans a “horrible fanbase.”

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