All About Zach Bryan's Sister, MacKenzie Taylor

Zach Bryan's sister, MacKenzie Taylor, has supported his career every step of the way

<p>Frazer Harrison/Getty ; Zach Bryan Instagram</p> Zach Bryan attends the 66th GRAMMY Awards on February 04, 2024 in Los Angeles, California; Dewayne Bryan and MacKenzie Bryan Taylor.

Frazer Harrison/Getty ; Zach Bryan Instagram

Zach Bryan attends the 66th GRAMMY Awards on February 04, 2024 in Los Angeles, California; Dewayne Bryan and MacKenzie Bryan Taylor.

No one is prouder of Zach Bryan than his older sister, MacKenzie Taylor.

The stand-up comedian was at her brother’s side when he snagged his first-ever Grammy for best country duo/group performance for “I Remember Everything,” featuring Kacey Musgraves at the 2024 Grammy Awards.

The annual awards show proved to be a double-date night for the sister-brother duo. Taylor was accompanied by her partner, Morgan Taylor, while Bryan and Brianna "Chickenfry" LaPaglia made their romance red carpet official.

Taylor celebrated Bryan’s career milestone with a photo slide on Instagram of her and Bryan posing together on the red carpet, alongside other behind-the-scenes photos from the special night.

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“My brother WON his first Grammy last night!!! Incredibly grateful to have been there cheering him on and I could not be more proud for all that he has accomplished. Such an incredible night that I will never forget,” she captioned the post.

The “Heading South” singer-songwriter is incredibly close with his sister. Born about 18 months apart, Bryan and Taylor spent the early years of their childhood living in Japan, where their father, Victor Dewayne Bryan, was stationed for the U.S. Navy. Their parents divorced when they were teenagers living in Oklahoma.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Bryan referred to his sister as “my favorite person on the planet.” At his December 2022 Red Rocks concert, Bryan invited Taylor up on stage for a lively performance of “Revival.” In videos posted on TikTok, Taylor could be seen rocking out and sharing a microphone with her brother.

Here's everything to know about Zach Bryan's sister — MacKenzie Taylor — and her close-knit relationship with the singer.

They grew up in Oologah, Oklahoma

<p>Zach Bryan Instagram</p> Zach Byran with his dad, Dewayne, and sister, MacKenzie.

Zach Bryan Instagram

Zach Byran with his dad, Dewayne, and sister, MacKenzie.

Taylor was born on Sept. 22, 1994. She got promoted to big sister with the addition of Bryan on April 2, 1996.

When Taylor was a sophomore in high school, her family relocated to Oologah, Oklahoma, from Japan, where Dewayne was a master chief in the U.S. Navy.

The siblings grew up in a small town about 30 miles northeast of Tulsa. They lived with Dewayne, who was their primary guardian, per The New York Times.

Their childhood has been highly documented in Bryan’s music, including songs such as “Oklahoma Smoke Show,” “Oklahoma City” and “Tishomingo.”

She is a professional stand-up comedian

Taylor has performed a number of shows and comedy sketches over the years, including her hilarious impersonation of celebrity medium Theresa Caputo — who she met in 2023.

As he does with Bryan, Dewayne promotes Taylor’s gigs on social media. “The girl that made me a dad will fix your sad with her spice filled funnies,” he once shared on Facebook alongside a flyer of one of her performances.

Most recently, Taylor headlined her own show, aptly titled “Mac Taylor’s Comedy Revue,” at the legendary Tulsa Spotlight Theater in November 2023.

Outside of comedy, Taylor hosts monthly bingo nights, talent shows, and other entertaining events for her community in Tulsa.

Their mom died in 2016

<p>Zach Bryan Instagram</p> Zach Byran and his mom, Annette Bryan.

Zach Bryan Instagram

Zach Byran and his mom, Annette Bryan.

Annette died on Aug. 3, 2016, at the age of 49, from complications related to alcoholism.

Bryan has spoken openly about his mother’s struggles with alcohol and consequent death, and how songwriting gave him the opportunity to process the significance loss in his and his sister's lives at such a young age. These songs make up his first studio album, DeAnn, a token taken from Annette’s middle name.

To commemorate her mother’s memory, Taylor got a tattoo that reads “Up in the sky” a month after Annette’s death. On the two-year anniversary, Taylor penned a heartfelt message about the lessons passed down from her mother that she continues to carry with her.

“My mom taught me what to truly care about and to just breathe. Sometimes I get all in my head about stupid day to day stresses but she is also in my head letting me know everything is okay and reminding me to not waste a day,” she wrote on Instagram in tandem with a throwback mother-daughter snap.

Taylor concluded, “I miss her everyday but am thankful for all the lessons she taught me and keeps teaching me. She was beautiful, funny and kind. She was my sunflower.”

She got married in 2021

Taylor and her partner, Morgan Taylor, tied the knot on Oct. 8, 2021. The pair, who first began dating in May 2019, exchanged vows in an outdoor ceremony surrounded by an intimate assembly of close friends and family, including Bryan, who was part of the wedding party.

“Happiest day of my life. The Taylor’s est. 10.8.21,” Taylor captioned a sweet photo of her and her partner walking down the aisle hand-in-hand.

Though Taylor’s partner lives a relatively private life, she can frequently be spotted supporting Taylor at her comedy shows, and rocking out in the stands of Bryan’s concerts.

“I couldn’t do any of it without my honeybee!🏳️‍🌈🔥 Thank you for making me a Taylor!” she captioned a selfie of her and her love after one of her shows.

She has tattoos in honor of her parents

<p>Zach Bryan Instagram</p> Zach Bryan's dad Dewayne Bryan and mom MacKenzie Bryan Taylor.

Zach Bryan Instagram

Zach Bryan's dad Dewayne Bryan and mom MacKenzie Bryan Taylor.

Much like her little brother, Taylor has collected an impressive portfolio of body art of the years.

Following Annette’s death in 2016, Taylor got a tattoo of a sunflower near her left shoulder in remembrance of her mother. The tribute has since turned into a “sober garden” in recognition of Taylor’s sobriety journey as well.

“I got this sunflower in honor of my sweet momma a couple years back. Sunflowers make me think of her and how bright she was when she was sober," Taylor shared on Instagram in 2021. "I decided to incorporate it in to my sober tattoo... each year I will get another wildflower added for another year sober."

She continued, “So, this one is for you and me, momma. For all the times you worked hard to stay sober and for all time I will continue to stay sober for the both of us.”

That same year Taylor also got the words “trust” and “obey” inked on her inner forearms in honor of Dewayne. “The last conversation I had with my Pops, he told me what he would like on his tombstone... ’Trust and Obey,’ ” Taylor said of the tattoo’s emotional significance on Instagram.

As for some of her other tattoos, Taylor has a “Dolly inspired lucky cat” and the Muse of Comedy and Muse of Tragedy masks on her thigh.

She is Bryan’s biggest fan

<p>Erika Goldring/Getty </p> Zach Bryan performs during Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival on September 24, 2023 in Franklin, Tennessee.

Erika Goldring/Getty

Zach Bryan performs during Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival on September 24, 2023 in Franklin, Tennessee.

Taylor is her brother’s ride-or-die. She’s been by his side through the highs and the lows, including at one of his first shows at The Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Taylor documented her proud big sister moment on Instagram with a photo of the two of them posing outside the venue.

“I have no words for how proud I am of you, Bub. You create memories, and I am grateful for every single one of them. I just know mom was dancing it out with us this weekend,” she captioned the snap.

She and her partner previously flew out to watch Bryan’s sold-out show at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, and they were also present when he took the stage at the 2021 Basilica Block Party in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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