YUMMYDOGE – Aims To Reward Holders and Move To Decrease World Hunger

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Los Angeles, California, Sept. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- YummyDoge proud to announce itself with Noble cause for decreasing hunger with increasing opportunity. All-time highs are not only a topic of discussion in the DeFi altcoin space, but also apply to the current status of world hunger. Memecoins seem to come and go, but the amount of people suffering globally from undernourishment and malnourishment stays. Charity tokens are nothing new, but most of them lack an integral function that peaks investors’ interest- generating profitable returns.

YUMMYDOGE is the first charity token of its kind which actually seeks to benefit its holders as much as it does the cause it’s supporting. Here’s why crypto enthusiasts are eagerly adding YUMMYDOGE, the next big DOGE project, to their watch lists.

1. BNB Rewards and Renounced Ownership

As simple as this seems, BNB rewards go a long way when it comes to garnering trust and use case from holders. YummyDoge offers a 3% BNB reflection rate built into its smart contract. This basically means that holders will receive 3% BNB returns on their $YUMMYD holdings. Many charity tokens of the past have simply been mindless get rich quick schemes put together by conniving developers who only sought to benefit themselves and ground floor investors, shamelessly selling the charity aspect to amass more investors.

The smart contract of YUMMYDOGE offers real BNB rewards to all of its holders, making it the first charity token to actually benefit its holders beyond false promises of the moon. Furthermore, the developers state that in order to gain the unfaltering trust of its community, ownership of the contract will be renounced, immediately upon the start of the UniCrypt 1-year liquidity locked presale. This will thereby make YUMMYDOGE truly and completely a community token.

2. Revolutionary NFT Implementation

Perhaps one of the most innovative aspects of YummyDoge is their incorporation of NFTs into the project. Investors might be wondering, if there’s no developer wallet, what’s to keep the creators incentivized to actually run and manage the token after renouncing ownership. Well, aside from their unwavering support and determination to the cause of legitimately making a difference in world hunger, and using a crypto memecoin and its community to do what governments and billionaires have failed to accomplish over millions of years, they have come up with a way to still be rewarded for their efforts using NFTs.

As many crypto enthusiast know, NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens can be virtually anything, from art, to music, to text and even games! So why not let them be food? Ok, not literally but that’s right! YUMMYDOGE, will be releasing limited edition food and meal package donations to investors who want to further directly support the cause in the form of NFTs. Now, as previously established, the developers want as little from the token as possible, as this ultimately takes away from the community and purpose of the project. For that reason, all proceeds from the first round of the 1/100 NFT sales will be immediately donated to Global Impact charity, the official charity partner of YUMMYDOGE. The developers have set up royalties on these NFTs that will allow them to passively earn as they continue to be bought and sold, while still allowing investors to earn money on the varying rarities as well.

3. Solving a Real World Problem

Often times people reference billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk, saying they could easily end world hunger if they wanted to. The fact of the matter is they won’t. A problem as vast as this, affecting 690 million people worldwide isn’t one single person’s problem.

That’s why YUMMYDOGE is creating a community of powerful investors who not only wish to make a positive impact on their Trust and MetaMask wallets, but also on the world as well. The developers state they want to expand YUMMYDOGE operations to the point where they are positively impacting the lives of people who don’t even have the luxury of knowing what crypto is. And they want to do this while giving back to their own community and supporters as well.

How to Join The Presale:

YUMMYDOGE will be hosting its Presale on UniCrypt in 3 weeks. The soft cap and hard cap are 200/1000 respectively, so investors will be able to get into the project then as long as they’ve whitelisted.

Alternatively, more keen investors can get in at what truly is the ground level of this exciting project by contributing to the Cointool private sale here. After that, it will be listed on PancakeSwap where they expect an explosive few first days to unravel, and expect momentum and hype to carry well into the coming months.

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