YSL Beauty Strengthens Its Commitment to People and the Planet with Canadian Launch of REWILD OUR EARTH

In collaboration with world-renowned NGO, Re:wild, this ambitious program will protect and restore British Columbia's South Okanagan Grasslands, a priority area for biodiversity

MONTREAL, Dec. 7, 2022 /CNW/ - Today, YSL Beauty has strengthened its commitment to people and the planet with the Canadian launch of REWILD OUR EARTH. This global program, developed in partnership with Re:wild, a world-class NGO that works with 400 conservation partners in 84 countries to advance ecological restoration globally, aims to protect and restore 100,000 hectares of land by 2030 and to safeguard biodiversity in priority areas affected by climate change. In Canada, the focus of this program will be on South Okanagan Grasslands––a key area for biodiversity conservation––in collaboration with a local operating NGO partner, The Nature Trust of British Columbia. This initiative is inscribed within the brand's wider sustainability platform (known as 'Change the Rules, Change the Future') as well as within its long-standing commitment to the Earth, inspired by the legacy of Mr. Saint Laurent.

The White Lake Basin in the South Okanagan Grasslands, British Columbia. Photo credit: Graham Osborne and The Nature Trust of British Columbia (CNW Group/Yves Saint Laurent Beauty)
The White Lake Basin in the South Okanagan Grasslands, British Columbia. Photo credit: Graham Osborne and The Nature Trust of British Columbia (CNW Group/Yves Saint Laurent Beauty)

YSL Beauty has strengthened its commitment to people and the planet with the Canadian launch of REWILD OUR EARTH

Protecting and Restoring the South Okanagan Grasslands, A Priority Area for Biodiversity

Rewilding, a positive reframing for nature conservation, involves holistic solutions to remove barriers and re-establish vibrant wildlife populations and intact, functional, and resilient ecosystems that effectively integrate people; in other words, to better let nature take care of itself. The Canadian launch of REWILD OUR EARTH will focus on protecting a priority area for national biodiversity to prevent its degradation: 160.8 acres (65.1 hectares) of grasslands in the South Okanagan region of British Columbia. Grasslands are one of the critical ecosystems that were identified in the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, 2021-2030, and are among the most endangered ecosystems in the world.

A Critical Habitat for Sensitive Species and Ecosystems

Located in the White Lake Basin in proximity to The Nature Trust of BC's largest conservation property complex, the project's focus area is a national biodiversity hotspot, with species and ecosystems of provincial and federal concern. It is a critical habitat for five federally listed species (including Western Tiger Salamander, Lewis's Woodpecker, Pallid Bat, Western Rattlesnake and Showy Phlox), and 95% of the area contains sensitive ecosystems (open sagebrush steppe, grasslands, riparian, and broadleaf woodlands). Notably, the land is located within the traditional territories of First Nations communities, including the Penticton Indian Band (SnPink'tn) and Lower Similkameen Indian Band (Smelqmix), both members of the Okanagan Nation (Syilx People). Because the South Okanagan Grasslands are an important cultural and historical site, and a source of medicines and foods, the project will engage the help of traditional ecological knowledge keepers from the Okanagan Nation Education and Cultural En'owkin Centre to ensure continuity in these traditions.

Caroline Nègre, International Sustainability & Scientific Director, YSL Beauty, says, "I am delighted to see REWILD OUR EARTH expanding to Canada, a key region for biodiversity. Grasslands are one of the most threatened wild places on Earth, and yet, they are one of the most resilient. Essentially upside-down rainforests, grasslands store carbon, survive heat waves, and create sanctuaries for wildlife. As such, they are critical to protecting Canada's wilderness, and rewilding our Earth."

A Long-Term Commitment to Leave the World Wilder by 2030

As a brand within the L'Oréal Group, YSL Beauty is committed to enacting positive change in the world with a focus on both people and the planet. Today, the wild is in decline; at a time when more than one million species are on the brink of extinction and 75% of all Earth's land areas have been degraded, REWILD OUR EARTH has the potential to help make a measurable impact. To put this philosophy into action, and to continue to build on its work restoring at-risk environments over the past decade, YSL Beauty has now made a bold commitment to engage in the rewilding revolution.

"A commitment to the Earth lies at the heart of the YSL Beauty brand, inspired by the legacy of Mr. Saint Laurent, a nature lover who drew inspiration from the natural wonders of Morocco throughout his career," says Carl D. Morisset, General Manager, YSL Beauty, L'Oréal Canada. "With the national launch of REWILD OUR EARTH, we are proud to make a long-term commitment to championing work on land system change. Our goal is to help to protect and restore an area of Canada that is vital to the nation's natural longevity and to have a positive impact on the local community."

The REWILD OUR EARTH project is inscribed within the brand's new global sustainability platform, known as 'Change the Rules, Change the Future', which will focus on continuing to harness innovation to unlock new possibilities––from how the brand makes its products, to the overarching impact it will have on the world.

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Re:wild protects and restores the wild. We have a singular and powerful focus: the wild as the most effective solution to the inter- connected climate, biodiversity, and human health crises. Founded by a group of renowned conservation scientists together with Leonardo DiCaprio, Re:wild is a force multiplier that brings together Indigenous peoples, local communities, influential leaders, nongovernmental organizations, governments, companies, and the public to protect and rewild at the scale and speed we need. Learn more at rewild.org.


The Nature Trust of British Columbia is a leading non-profit land conservation organization with over 50 years of success protecting and caring for B.C.'s most critical habitats. Since 1971, The Nature Trust of BC and its partners have acquired more than 73,000 hectares (180,000 acres) of ecologically significant land to save vulnerable wildlife, fish and plants. naturetrust.bc.ca


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