You've Got To Try This MUA's Genius Alphabet Blush Technique

Social media is a prime real estate to find makeup tips, tricks and trends, from how to conceal and contour, to achieving the brows of your dreams. Lately, blush tricks have taken over the scene with the spark of both underpainting and double blushing. Underpainting is when blush, highlighter and similar products are applied before complexion products for a more subtle flushed look. Double blushing is when two shades of blush are applied in excess to the apple of the cheeks for the most pigmented, eye-catching makeup look.

If neither of those work for your current makeup routine, makeup artist and influencer, Farhin Shaikh, shared her alphabet blush technique on Instagram. In the post Shaikh shows six different methods using the letters W,O,C,V, L and U to show how various blush placements enhance different facial features.


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For the "W" method, the artist swipes product from a few inches under her eye to the apple of her cheek, then across the bridge of her nose and repeats on the other side until she makes a "W" in the middle of her face. The "V" technique consists of creating little sideways "V's" on the apples of each cheek and blending them out. For "O," the influencer draws a small "o" on each cheek and uses a brush to blend out the blush.

"L" calls for drawing an "L" shape on the side of her face a few inches from the corner of her eye, extending the short line of the letter across the cheek. The same method for "L" applies to the "C" technique, except Shaikh starts the "C" above her eyebrow. The "U" placement is similar to the "O" in that the product should be applied close to the nose at the highest point of the cheekbone.

While every letter of the alphabet isn't recreated in blush, there are plenty of options to try in your next makeup session.

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