'Bumblebee! You've Got Babies!': Rescuer Joyful as Orphaned Sheep Gives Birth to Twins

A farmer who raised a sheep since it was an orphaned lamb was overjoyed that the animal, named Bumblebee, had given birth to its own lambs.

Chris Franklin, who runs a rescue farm in Wiltshire, England, can be heard praising the new mother in video posted to Instagram on June 28.

“It’s amazing. Bumblebee, you’ve got babies, you’ve got twins,” Franklin says in the video. “She’s got two little girls just born, a little white one and little black one.”

Bumblebee’s first lambs were just 15 minutes old in the video, according to Franklin, who said it was “super exciting.” Credit: @caenhillcc / @caroline.le.bourgeois via Storyful

Video Transcript

CHRIS FRANKLIN: Well greetings. Good evening. It's amazing. Bumblebee, the squish, you got babies, you got twins. Oh, she got two little girls, just born. Little white one, a little black one. Oh well done Bumblebee, [? quish, ?] I told you, this is your first babies. Oh my goodness, this is super exciting. Oh Bumblebee, can you believe it. We are getting towards life in Bumblebee surprising us with twins. [BLEATING]. Wow. Well Bumblebee, well done. Well done Henry. Oh, this is amazing. Well done Bumblebee. What a little one, [BLEATING]. Hey love, you can see me. What are we going to call you. Two little girls, they're so cute. [BLEATING]. [INAUDIBLE]. Wow, amazing. This is a special Rebecca here at the farm. We love you. We love you more. Well done Bumblebee in your two little ones.

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