You're Probably Not Boiling Water In The Cheapest Way

Look, I’m not usually one to bash the Americans unfairly. But their lack of an electric kettle? Yeah, I get the backlash to that. 

However, if TikToker and engineer dinosaurdannyx is to be believed, they might just have a point ― on the money front, at least.

In a recent video, the creator set up an elaborate system to measure the amount of gas the hob method used. He then compared it to boiling a full kettle of water and priced both options. 

“The results surprised me,” the engineer said.

What were they?

The hob used over 53% more energy ― but, given that the prices for gas are lower than those for electricity, the stovetop option cost 1.99p (50.4% cheaper than the kettle, which was 3.49p). 

“So, in summary, if you’re looking for an energy saving, you go for the electric kettle,” the TikToker said. 

But “if you’re looking for a cost saving, go for the hob,” he advises.

I for one will risk a slightly higher bill ― but still, good to know, right?

Anything else? 

Yep! There are loads of other ways to make the running of your regular kettle cheaper if, like me, you want to stick to what you know. 

For instance, UK Power Networks advises only using enough water for your tea needs per boil, rather than filling it up every time (I feel called out).

Some recommend pouring hot water from one boil into a flask for a later cuppa, but this isn’t advised, as it’s still boiling a lot all at once. 

What can help, though, is unplugging your kettle at the wall fully between hot drinks. 

The cozzie livs comes for every part of our kitchen, apparently...