You're Just 2 Steps Away From A Decadent Crème Brûlée Latte

creme brulee latte
creme brulee latte - Eliane Haykal/Shutterstock

Between its smooth custard and the delicate crunch of its sugary top crust, the sweet indulgence of crème brûlée just can't be beaten. But while it's understandable that a craving for the dessert may hit even in the morning, it's probably best to stick with the coffee imitation. Although most flavored lattes may be pretty good facsimiles of the foods they're named after, the corner coffee shop probably isn't serving up a latte with anything close to the signature glassy sugar cap that makes a crème brûlée so special. If it did, that crème brûlée latte might just give the dessert a run for its money. On the other hand, you might just be able to achieve it at home.

In a video by Alex Gren on TikTok, the creator demonstrates how only two steps are needed to make an authentic crème brûlée latte at home. So what are they? First, you'll need to add crème brûlée sauce to your espresso and steamed milk. And second, you'll need to torch a layer of sugar that's been sprinkled on top. Of course, that does mean that you'll need a hand-held kitchen torch to carmelize that sugar and create the crunchy top -- but it will be well worth the investment if you don't already have one.

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Achieving The Crème Brûlée's Signature Glassy Crust

creme brulee latte being made
creme brulee latte being made - Ilham Ps/Shutterstock

When caramelizing the sugar on top of your latte, you'll have to work faster than you ever would with the dessert because the latte is liquid and can easily dissolve the sugar if you wait too long. If you layer the foam from the steamed milk on top, creating a barrier that will slow the sugar's absorption into the coffee, it will be much easier to achieve the crème brûlée's signature crust. As you torch the sugar, making sure to create an even coat of caramelization and avoiding the creation of burnt spots, a glassiness will become visible, letting you know when your latte is done.

You should be able to break that glassy top with a spoon. Do this the same way that you would with a traditional crème brûlée. Just be sure to scoop out some of the caramelized pieces and enjoy their crunch before they melt into the latte.

What If You Can't Find Crème Brûlée Sauce?

creme brulee latte in red mug
creme brulee latte in red mug - selinofoto/Shutterstock

Since it is a specialty sauce, there is always the possibility that you might not be able to find crème brûlée sauce in your area. But never fear; you can always fake it at home with just a few key ingredients. All you'll need are a couple of flavored coffee syrups, which most grocers carry, and some half-and-half. Combine equal parts caramel syrup with vanilla syrup and stir it into some half-and-half for your own homemade crème brûlée sauce. And just like with the dessert, feel free to customize your sauce with additional flavors as well. It's really the caramelized sugar crust that is the star of the crème brûlée latte anyway.

Now that you know how to achieve the delicious glassy top, you might want to try it on other types of espresso drinks as well -- such as a custardo. A play on the affogato, the custardo uses custard (or the base for a crème brûlée) instead of ice cream. Just add some steamed milk foam on top, a layer of sugar, give it a quick torch, and you'll have a crème brûlée in a latte with no sauce necessary.

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