Youngsters carry out disinfection, awareness drive against Dengue in Nagpur

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A volunteer spraying the disinfectant spray. (Photos/ANI)
A volunteer spraying the disinfectant spray. (Photos/ANI)

Nagpur (Maharashtra) [India], August 5 (ANI): A team of youngsters sprayed disinfectants and made people aware of do's and don'ts for protection against Dengue in Nagpur on Wednesday.

Janhit Youth Team took the initiative to spray disinfectants and do a door-to-door awareness programme to help the administration tackle the disease and make people aware of various do's and don'ts to prevent the infection.

"Dengue is increasing in Nagpur. Every 5th household is reporting patients. Children are falling sick and getting admitted to hospital. We have been spreading awareness related to cleanliness in the region and we are also spraying disinfectants," Abhijeet Jha of Janhit Youth Team told ANI.

Residents were not pleased with the lack of effort from local administration too.

"No one from the administration comes here for cleanliness. Gutters are not cleaned. No cleaners or sweepers come here. We keep complaining regarding this otherwise nobody even comes here," says Poonam, a local resident.

"There is a lot of patients. I know a 12-year-old kid whose platelet went to 58000 and she had to be admitted. Platelet going down is risky. I request the administration to take this disease seriously. They should spray disinfectants and make people aware about the symptoms and the blood test in case fever doesn't go," said another resident.

Municipal Corporation said that efforts are being taken actively to tackle the outbreak.

"Municipal Corporation is trying that mosquito breeding doesn't happen. We are doing spraying in public places and households. We request people to ensure cleanliness and not let mosquito breeding happen. One can also use oil and put it in water to stop mosquito breeding. We should ensure that water stagnation doesn't take place," said a Municipal Council official. (ANI)

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