Young Angels fan stunned into silence while meeting Mike Trout

Los Angels Angels outfielder Mike Trout is one of those players every Little Leaguer should look to emulate. He’s a guy who does everything well on the field, and he seems like a genuinely good guy off the field.

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Trout showed off a pretty good blend of both those things prior to Thursday’s game. He surprised a young Angels fan in the dugout, who was stunned into silence while meeting Trout.

Pardon us for being corny, but this is what the game is all about. The fan’s mouth drops wide open as he sees Trout approaching. It stays wide open as Trout asks, “How are you? You all right?” And it continues that way while Trout signs a ball for him. The fan even puts his hands to his face in shock. He can’t believe Mike Trout is talking to him and signing his ball.

It gets better, though. Trout then takes a picture with the fan, and invites him over to the far end of the dugout. There, he hands the fan one of his bats to take home. Trout then heads back into the clubhouse to get ready for the game, while the fan excitedly jumps, thanks Trout and then walks away saying “Oh my gosh!”

There’s not much more to say. We hope that fan remembers that encounter for a long time. The entire exchange was awesome.

This young fan was so happy to meet Mike Trout. (Screenshot via @Angels on Twitter)

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