New York Sisters Both Give Birth to Leap Day Babies: ‘They're Going to be Super Close'

Sisters Marissa Quinones and Makiya Anthony gave birth to their babies on Feb. 29

<p>WKBW TV/Youtube</p> Makiya Anthony and Marissa Quinones with their babies

WKBW TV/Youtube

Makiya Anthony and Marissa Quinones with their babies

Two sisters from New York had a double celebration this Leap Year after welcoming their babies on the same extra calendar day.

Siblings Marissa Quinones and Makiya Anthony from Dunkirk, New York, gave birth to their babies on Feb. 29 in one of the rarest conceivable odds, making the newborn cousins Leap Day birthday twins.

Quinones was booked to have her baby on Feb. 29, while sister Anthony unexpectedly joined her in welcoming her baby on the same day following an OB appointment.

"It was just supposed to be a regular OB appointment, just my checkup," Anthony told local media outlet WKBW. "Then they told me I was going to have my baby."

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The sisters ended up going to two different hospitals to give birth, the outlet reported.

Quinones explained that she and her sister were initially “just a week apart” in their due dates — leaving their grandmother convinced they would give birth at the same time.

"My grandma kept saying ... we were going to have them on the same day," Quinones told WKBW.

Quinones shared with the outlet that she was excited for her child to have the special birthday. "My boyfriend at first told me to switch the day and I told him, 'No' ... I think it's unique," she said.

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According to the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies, the probability that a person is born on Feb. 29 is one in 1,461.

The sisters’ rare experience of having their children both born on Leap Day has made them “closer,” Anthony said. She added to WKBW, "Me and my cousins, we're super closer in age, and that made us closer. So I think they're [the babies are] going to be super close too."

Meanwhile, the siblings' mother Cherie Coy said she went through a state of “panic” when she heard her daughters were going into labor at the same time. "I try to be there for all of them. Instantly I knew what the weekend had in store for me," she told WKBW.

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Following the babies’ arrival, she said there will be an extra special celebration for their birthdays.

"Every four years, there's going to be a crazy party in Dunkirk for a bunch of children," Coy continued. "Everybody knows our whole family is just kids, kids, kids. Bring your kids."

As for how the children will react to their special birthdays in the future, Coy added, "As the kids get older, they're not going to like they have to wait an extra day for their birthday. So I think the 28th is the day."

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