Yes Really – Here's Why You Shouldn't Boil Pasta Without Music

We recently learned that you shouldn’t boil pasta for mac ‘n’ cheese in water ― instead, milk is your friend.

And when it comes to how much water you add in the first place, we ALSO recently learned that more is not always better (yes, really).

Now, it seems to the pasta-based revelations continue; Barilla, the pasta company, have concocted a pretty smart way to cook your carbs to just-done perfection.

The brand has a Spotify account with playlists like Boom Bap Fusilli and Moddy Day Linguine ― and Instagram user aya_ceres36 recently shared, every playlist lasts the exact amount of time it takes for you to cook the pasta.


Yep! Mixtape Spaghetti is a clean seven minutes long; Boom Bap Fusilli gives you 11 minutes of sweet, sweet music.

Instagram users were pretty impressed with the news. “Imagine your top genre on Spotify wrapped being pasta,” one commenter said.

“Uh... Ppl have been setting timers? You don’t just go by intuition and the feel of the pasta when you test a piece to check?” another said.

But there’s wisdom to the brand’s Spotify cooking hack ― speaking to Real Simple, Antonio Rummo, President of premium dried pasta company Rummo USA, said that timing is everything.

“The cooking time of pasta varies according to two parameters — protein content and thickness. As thickness increases, the cooking time increases,” he says.

That’s why cooking according to the instructions on the pack is important ― they know exactly how each variety is made.

If you’re really picky about your pasta’s doneness, Rummo recommends setting a timer a minute before your pasta pack says your food should be cooked and trying the pasta every twenty seconds or so until it’s perfect.

For me, though, I think I’ve found a better solution ― just stick those tunes on, people.