Yeehaw Films Brings Safer Film Finance Opportunities to the Entertainment World

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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 16, 2021 / Award-winning writer and director Courtney Paige has teamed up with the enterprising founders of Fisher Family Entertainment-Kyler Fisher and Madison BonTempo-to bring new life to female-driven content and minority-focused subject matters in film. Prominent venture capitalist Gil Demeter partnered with the trio, making it a top priority for their company, Yeehaw Films, to pave the way for safer film finance opportunities in the entertainment world.

Film finance has historically been viewed as a risky investment asset, but Yeehaw Films is providing safer investment opportunities on projects by structuring tax incentives, grants, minimum guarantees, bridge loans, and pre-sales, thereby mitigating a substantial amount of the risk typically associated with a straight equity investment.

Further, backed by Telefilm development this year in their Canadian subdivision Globetrotter Pictures, founded by Paige, Nicholas Adam Clark, Steven Richmond, and Rylan Oleksyn, the team aims to shine a light on indigenous content and has joined forces with trailblazer Grace Dove (The Revenant, Monkey Beach) on their upcoming endeavor. Last year, Globetrotter Pictures had joined forces with Arclight International, Untitled Entertainment, Brainstorm Media, Vortex, Defiant, and Signature Entertainment to successfully release the first of many features, The Sinners (available on Amazon, iTunes, and all major platforms).

Companies Yeehaw Films is currently aligning with on for next projects are: Wagner Entertainment, FotCot Films, Film Mode, BondIt Media Corp, Buffalo 8, The Exchange, and Wonderfilm.

The team has their second feature currently kept under wraps in postproduction with an upcoming slate of five features to come in the next three years. Having a festival-worthy film is one thing, but making sure commercial viability exists is another. Yeehaw Films and Globetrotter Pictures strive to ensure their investors meet their returns.

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