Yard Force Is Excited to Launch Its New Line of Power Stations in the European Market

WILLICH, Germany, January 31, 2023--(BUSINESS WIRE)--These new units come with a variety of features and solar panels that make them the perfect choice for those looking for an alternative to traditional power sources. With a solar panel on each unit, users can take advantage of free, renewable energy to power their homes or businesses.

Luminous solar power stations are a great alternative to traditional power sources for those looking to take advantage of renewable energy. With a solar panel on each unit, users can rely on free, clean energy to power their homes or businesses. The Yard Force LX PS300 model comes with 296Wh of storage, while the LX PS600 and LX PS1200 boast 518Wh and 974Wh, respectively. All three models are also equipped with foldable solar panel chargers - making them perfect for camping trips or as an emergency power source during blackouts.

The Yard Force LX PS300 power station is suitable for light use, such as mobile phone, laptop, TV or laptops. The Yard Force LX PS600 and LX PS1200 have more usability such as drones, portable air conditioners, mini refrigerators, speakers and tuning equipment, Electric grill, Hair dryer, Dishwasher and power tools like electric drills or hammers.

With 100W and 200W foldable solar panels available for purchase separately, power anxiety will be a thing of the past. There will be no need to worry about running low on storage power when camping, traveling, family gatherings or hiking outdoors. The Yard Force 100W and 200W foldable solar panels are equipped with a fast-charging function that can output a maximum of 97.5W and 195W respectively, providing an uninterrupted energy input for the storage power source. At the same time, Yard Force's solar panel is also equipped with type-c output for cell phones, tablets, laptops and other mobile-style devices that support Type-C input with up to 65W of power.

"With the introduction of Yard Force energy storage and solar panels into the European market," said Roland Menken, the managing director of MEROTEC GmbH, "it will greatly expand Yard Force's product line in Europe in addition to the garden tool market, adhering to a green, environmentally friendly, market-focused brand philosophy."

Now, Yard Force energy storage power and foldable solar panels have entered the European market and are sold in OBI, Bauhaus, Amazon and other channels. Yard Force is launching a new series of power stations in the European market with numerous features and solar panels. The new power stations are designed to provide reliable and sustainable energy for homes and businesses and include a variety of features such as backup power, portability, and expandability. With the launch of these new products, Yard Force is committed to providing sustainable energy solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

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