Yankees are doing mock interview dugout celebrations and they are incredible

Dugout celebrations are nothing new. Baseball players have been doing high five routines and handshake-hugs since there were dugouts and things to celebrate. But the Yankees have taken the dugout celebration to the next level. It’s not just a high five anymore.

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The Yankees’ young dugout has started doing fake interviews once someone comes back into the dugout after a home run. It started on Wednesday when Ronald Torreyes picked up a small snack bin and hoisted it on his shoulder to use as a “camera” as Starlin Castro came back to the dugout after hitting a homer. Didi Gregorious approached Castro with a makeshift “microphone” and conducted a fake interview, and a tradition was born.

Starlin Castro is mock interviewed in the dugout by Yankees teammates Didi Gregorious and cameraman Ronald Torreyes. (MLB.com)

It’s even better in gif form, from MLB’s Cut4.

The best part of that is Starlin Castro just sliding right into the interview like it’s the most normal thing ever. No confusion, no laughter, like he gives fake interviews to his teammates all the time.

Now if there had just been one homer in that sixth inning for the Yankees, who knows if the mock dugout interview would have continued. But the Castro homer was followed by a homer from Greg Bird, and then another from Aaron Hicks. And each got a mock dugout interview, with gifs from Cut4.

Hey, just because it’s a mock interview doesn’t mean a player shouldn’t get stuff poured on his head.

On Thursday night, it became clear that the tradition would continue. Brett Gardner and Aaron Judge hit homers in the first inning, and they each got their own dugout interview. But the snack box camera was gone. Torreyes replaced it with something that actually looked vaguely like a camera, sort of.

Ronald Torreyes made himself a new fake camera. (MLB.com)

Torreyes taped a water bottle to a shoe box, and used the mouth of the bottle as the eye piece of the “camera.” That is wickedly creative. Hopefully Torreyes saves his new camera, because he might get a lot more use out of it as the Yankees head into the wild-card game, and even possibly the playoffs.

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