The Yankees are done interviewing possible managers, and A-Rod helped

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has found the new manager of the club, he just hasn’t told anyone who it is yet. (AP Photo)

After six interviews over about five weeks, New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman announced on Friday via the New York Post that he’s finished interviewing candidates to fill the team’s open managerial position.

This comes just three days after Cashman said that the team would continue to interview managerial candidates beyond the first five guys they’d seen. Some reports on Tuesday speculated that the number of candidates could balloon to as many as ten, but after Cashman’s announcement on Friday, the number is just one beyond the initial number of interviews: six.

Carlos Beltran was the sixth and final candidate Cashman interviewed. Beltran was announced as a candidate on Tuesday, and went in to interview just a day later. And only two days after Beltran’s interview, Cashman decided that he has seen all he needs to see.

So now we know who the next Yankees manager will be, and it’s one of these six guys:

  • Carlos Beltran
  • Aaron Boone
  • Hensley Meulens
  • Rob Thomson
  • Eric Wedge
  • Chris Woodward

Sadly for Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez is not on that list. JLo tweeted on Thursday that to her, “it couldn’t be clearer” who the next Yankees manager should be: her boyfriend A-Rod. Even though A-Rod won’t be donning a Yankees uniform again in the near future, the New York Post reported that he did discuss possible candidates with Cashman, and at no point said he was interested in the job himself.

What’s interesting about Cashman’s process is that he’s not inviting anyone back for a second round of interviews. The New York Post reported that Cashman will just make a final recommendation to team ownership. That might seem like a shallow interview process, but the Yankees put their candidates through the ringer in the first round. Managerial hopefuls would come to New York and go through a five-to-six hour interview process that included a conference call with Yankees beat writers. So it doesn’t seem like a second round is really needed here.

The Yankees are still the only club left looking for a new manager, so there’s still no rush for them to make a decision. However, they most likely want to have everything wrapped up by the Winter Meetings, which start on December 10.

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