Xbox Announces New Series X Mini-Fridges - Just in Time for the 2021 Holiday Season

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Xbox and chill?

On Sunday, Microsoft ended its E3 2021 showcase by announcing that they will be unveiling an Xbox Series X mini-fridge later this year, just in time for fans to buy during the upcoming 2021 holiday season.

Coming with a black exterior, the refrigerator has a small Xbox logo on the top left corner of the door, which glows white and is reminiscent of those found on the brand's gaming console devices.

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Inside, green walls line the mini-fridge, which is "powered" by "Xbox Velocity Cooling Architecture," according to its reveal trailer.

Price points and a specific release date have not yet been revealed.

Back in April, Xbox took part in Twitter's #BestOfTweets brand bracket challenge, where the gaming console - created and owned by Microsoft - beat out Skittles for the top spot.

At the time, Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg said that if Xbox were to beat Skittles in the social media challenge, Microsoft would go forth with making actual Xbox Series X mini-fridges.

"Thanks to everyone who voted, this was down to the wire and thrilling to follow," Greenberg tweeted at the time. "Now that @Xbox won, we will move forward on our promise to make those Xbox Series X Mini Fridges."

"First one off the line will be filled with games & headed to our friends @Skittles of course!," he added.

According to Polygon, Xbox had previously crafted full-size refrigerators themed to look like their devices in years past, though those units were giveaways for famous faces, including Snoop Dogg, among others.

A representative for Xbox did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

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