'X2,' 'X-Men' Cartoon Go Dark in These 'Logan'-esque Trailer Recuts

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Looks like Old Man Logan started something. Again.

Days after the debut of the mournful first trailer for Logan (above), Hugh Jackson’s cinematic swansong as the angry, anguished Wolverine, some vintage X-Men outings are getting a similar treatment to the delight of fans.

A couple of inspired YouTube creators have applied the trappings of the Logan preview — a tortured Wolverine, a suffering Professor X, and ominous imagery set to the tune of Johnny Cash’s world-weary “Hurt” — into recuts of Bryan Singer’s 1993 sequel X-Men 2 (a.k.a. X2: X-Men United) and the classic 1990s cartoon versions.

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First out of the gate was this X2 version, published Saturday (two days after the Logan debut) by freelancer video editor and “all-around geek” Sam Ibrahim.

“My favorite X-Men movie of all time is No. 2, so naturally when Logan came out I had to edit X2 to some Johnny Cash,” the Brit writes on his YouTube page. “This is Hugh Jackman’s last appearance as Logan, so it felt like a fitting tribute.” Cue the black-and-white edit, which plays up the film’s darker strains, especially the focus on the adamantium-clawed mutant’s inner turmoil.

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The following day, a YouTuber called Philysteak uploaded an animated take. Unlike the X2 recut, Philysteak’s uses dialogue from the Logan trailer matched to scenes from the X-Men TV series, as well as the later X-Men: Evolution cartoon.

Luckily, Johnny Cash sounds good with anything, there are plenty of other X-Men movies to mine, and we still have nearly five months until Logan‘s March 2017 arrival in theaters. So we’re guessing we haven’t seen the last of the Logan recuts.

Watch Yahoo Superfan’s ‘Logan’ trailer breakdown:

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