WWE alum Sin Cara, a masked pro wrestler with a degree in embalming, is now Cinta de Oro

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WWE alumnus Sin Cara (Jose Jorge Arriaga Rodriguez) is now Cinta de Oro, the pro wrestling luchadore name of his mentor.

How he became Cinta de Oro was accidental, but he proudly continues the tradition, the standard set by the Mexican wrestling star who died in 2016.

In my video interview with WWE alum Sin Cara, he discusses adopting the name of his mentor, trainer with the Blessing of Cinta de Oro’s family. He also talks about his masks, his mask collection, his days in FCW and WWE, becoming a Burges High School wrestler in El Paso, amateur-style wrestling with Roman Reigns, writing a children’s book, family, working for his grandfather’s funeral parlor in Mexico, The Undertaker and more.

When he received his release from WWE in December 2019, the company needed him to change his Sin Cara name because of copyright/trademark. WWE asked him for a name. On the spot, he said Cinta de Oro, thinking he would call in a few days with another name, before Cinta de Oro became official.

He did not speak with Cinta de Oro’s family, which is proper protocol.

WWE is quick. He received a text from one his friends later that day asking him about becoming the wrestler Cinta de Oro. He quickly called the family of Cinta de Oro to explain. The family understood and felt honored he would even think of their father in that esteemed capacity. Respectful of his trainer and his trainer’s family, he received their blessing to continue the legacy.

Cinta de Oro’s sons gave him the last mask their father wore in a wrestling ring. He does not wear that mask to wrestle but instead displays it, a prized possession, in a special place in his home.

After being trained by Cinta de Oro in Mexico, he debuted in 1999. Masked wrestlers are prominent in Mexican wrestling, and he donned a mask. Though, he did admit it is easier to breathe without a mask as he did as Hunico in WWE, but during that time he felt awkward because he was so accustomed to wearing a mask.

AAA, a longtime famous promotion in Mexico, is where he honed his skills, before venturing to the United States for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and Chikara, before signing a developmental deal with WWE in December 2009.

Assigned to Florida Championship Wrestling in January 2010 in Tampa, he trained and worked with Epico (Tito Colon), the Usos, Kaval (Low Ki), Michael McGillicutty, Johnny Curtis (Fandango), Derrick Bateman (EC3), Donny Marlow (Tanga Loa), Brodus Clay (Tyrus), Justin Gabriel (PJ Black) and more.

His call to the WWE main roster came in 2011. He is a former Chikara King of Trios champion with El Pantera and Lince Dorado, a former two-time FCW tag team champion with Epico and a former NXT tag team champion with Kalisto as The Lucha Dragons.

Born and raised in El Paso, he starred in wrestling at Burges High School where he became an undefeated state champion. With no college wrestling in Texas, he pursued college wrestling outside the state, but then an injury gave him pause, and he decided time to begin a pro wrestling journey.

The masks he wears to the ring are designed by him. Some with mesh tray paper on several mouth opening stripes making them quite unique. Coupled with his collection of memorabilia masks — his loves the masks and the luchadores and stories behind them — he owns 1,000 masks.

Currently, this 43-year-old luchadore spends time with his children, is writing a children’s book and wrestles.

He recalls wrestling Roman Reigns amateur-style during their FCW training days but opted not to say who won. He said to ask Roman.

When younger, he worked at his grandfather’s funeral home in Juarez, Mexico. He later earned a degree in embalming and funeral director services in Mexico.

He did not alert WWE of his embalming and funeral directing roots. Think of the possibilities. WWE already featured an Undertaker and a Paul Bearer and a brother Kane.

Cinta de Oro is booked for QPW SuperSlam 3 on Feb. 26, 2022, in Doha, Qatar.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CintaDeOro

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC48com1d5-UfHyJj-hbh6eQ

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cintadeorooficial/



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