Writer-Filmmaker Paromita Vohra On Depicting Sex Beyond The Shackles Of Morality

A filmmaker, writer and curator, Paromita Vohra explores the politics of gender, sexuality, desire, urban life and popular culture through her art. Many of her documentaries have been pathbreaking, discussing topics that are otherwise silenced or stigmatized. Her 2006 film ‘Q2P’ was among the first to discuss the need for public toilets for women while ‘Morality TV And Loving Jehad’ urged the audience to look at the intersections of morality, communalism and sensationalism.

She is also the founder of Agents of Ishq, one of India’s first platforms that provides space for women and people from marginalized identities to share their stories of love and desire, and learn more about sex education.

(Interviewed and produced by Sherina Poyyail; edited by Nang Tanvi)

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