World's smallest gun weighs around 20 grams, costs a whopping Rs 5 lakh; check details here

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The world's smallest revolver, the Swiss Mini Gun, has recently come out and its features are astonishing. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Swiss Mini Gun is the smallest gun that weighs only 19.8 grams and can easily fit in a corner of the palm of one's hand. The gun is said to be about 5.5 cm long and is 1 cm wide.

The gun, named C1ST, is a stainless steel model and can be fired and used like any other gun. It is banned in certain countries such as the United States and Britain because of its small size. The gun's size has made it easy for people to hide it inside their clothes, inside their trousers, pockets, and even inside their hair. Its size had made it convenient to keep and carry this gun along. Hence, some countries have made it illegal to carry this gun.

The stainless steel revolver is made with the same technology that is used in making Swiss watches and jewelry. It also incorporates the technology which is used to make guns.

This gun might appear to be very tiny but its cost is exactly the opposite of what it looks like. The price of this gun is a whopping Rs 5 lakh and a gold version of this gun is also available. However, the gold version is made only on special commissions.

On purchasing this gun, you will also get a stylish leather holder for it which is provided free of cost. Around 24 clack and 24 live cartridges are also provided with the gun.

This gun has a power of less than 1 joule. This means that if one shoots from a distance with this gun, it is less likely that someone will die. But if a bullet is fired from near the brain, the consequence could be dangerous and fatal.


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