How World's Brightest Flashlight was Created, Guinness Shares Viral Video

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Guinness World Records (GWR) is a book that annually publishes records of human achievements all over the world and also some extreme events that happened in the natural world. A video has been posted on GWR’s YouTube channel about one such achievement. A team from Hacksmith Industries which is an engineering research and development company have built the brightest outsized flashlight in the world. The video posted comprises the making of this extraordinary flashlight. Along with the video, there is a little caption that says that the Hacksmith Industries team has created a torch that is capable of projecting light “at over 500,000 lumens”.

It also has names of the two people who have created this humongous light projecting instrument- Chris and James. The video was shared on the official GWR channel on July 21. It has already gained more than 88 thousand views and the count is still increasing. The video has also received a number of comments along with a comment of GWR as well in which they have advised people to pause at 5:24 and have asked them to decide if it “is a flashlight or the shell of a Dalek”. The other comments included someone saying “10 years from now they will have 10 more records”, another one said, “They could signal aliens with the biggest and brightest flashlight they made”.

While some people were impressed with this creation the others were in shock. In the video, they have even made a comparison of their flashlight with the world’s most powerful flashlight available before this in order to help people understand its construction better. Comparisons were made in terms of the number of LEDs, and other equipment used in the preparation of the already available flashlight versus theirs. It is crazy to think that people keep doing things of this kind all around the world every now and then. GWR’s YouTube channel has 8.01 million subscribers and they keep posting a lot of such videos which have something extraordinary in them.

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