World Series Game 7: Who does history favor?

On Wednesday night, there will be a winner-take-all World Series Game 7 for just the 38th time in baseball history. And while 38 isn’t a huge number when compared to the hundred-plus years that baseball’s been around, it’s more than big enough to look at the history of Game 7s — and to see whether the Houston Astros or the Los Angeles Dodgers have history on their side.

Looking at Game 7s by league, the National League has the advantage. The NL has won six of the last seven Game 7s, and 23 overall. So the Dodgers get a point there. (And no, the Astros don’t get half-credit here because they spent time in the NL.)

The team that has the momentum going into Game 7 also has a historic advantage. According to, ten of the last 12 World Series champs also won Game 6 after coming back from a 3-2 series deficit. In fact, the Chicago Cubs did it just last year.

But when you look at it from a home and road perspective, the Astros come out ahead.

In all the previous Game 7s, the road team has an edge — but just a slight one. And when you look at recent history, that edge disappears. The home team has won nine of the last 11 Game 7s, with 2014 and 2016 being the two exceptions.

Joc Pederson celebrates after hitting a home run during the seventh inning of Game 6 of baseball’s World Series against the Houston Astros Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo)

History is important, but baseball is insane an unpredictable. As the home team, the Dodgers might have the historic advantage (and the fans will definitely try to insert themselves into the game), but the Astros will hope to do what the Cubs did in 2016 and win Game 7 on the road.

What kind of Game 7 history will we get on Wednesday night? We’ll just have to watch to find out.

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