World reacts to Minecraft YouTuber Dream finally revealing his face: 'I was so nervous'

Popular gamer and YouTuber Dream — the subject of much fan fiction — has finally revealed his face.

Dream is known for wearing a smiley face mask to disguise himself during streams. His mysterious persona helped him amass a following of 30.4 million subscribers on his main channel, along with the 2020 and 2021 YouTube Streamy awards in gaming.

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On Oct. 2, Dream released a video called “hi, I’m Dream,” where he finally unmasked.

“What do I do?” he said in the clip. “Do I just rip the Band-Aid off and turn around?”

At around 90 seconds in the video, Dream introduced himself as Clay and removed his mask. The video currently has 19.2 million views and 2.3 million likes.

“hi, I’m Dream, and this is what I look like. After years of being completely faceless online, I finally decided to do a face reveal. GeorgeNotFound will be uploading a video of us meeting for the first time ever soon, so make sure to be ready for that,” the caption read.

The once-mysterious YouTuber continued to share photos of himself solo and with fellow gamer GeorgeNotFound. GeorgeNotFound, who is “shipped” with Dream, had some thoughts on the matter too.

“Why didnt you post the one where you actually kissed me?” @GeorgeNotFound replied to the photo set.

“HE HAS A FACE HE HAS A FACE!!!! so happy for you + happy you get to spend time with your best friends IN PERSON WOOOO!!!!” @brookeab said in a tweet.

“So proud of you man 🙂 it’s been years in the making and you’re finally on the other side of it! Excited for this new era and I’m so excited to finally meet you IRL love u man,” @KarlJacobs_ wrote in a caption.

“Congrats on the reveal!!!! i was so nervous for you LOL GO CELEBRATE WITH THE BOYS,” @Valkyrae said on Twitter.

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