‘World’s largest’ pot brownie — ‘a scrumptious monster’ — to be sold to medical patient

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Typically, baked treats don’t weigh 850 pounds — let alone a pot brownie.

The “world’s largest” cannabis-infused brownie — a “scrumptious monster” — was just baked by a Massachusetts company that plans to sell the hefty product to a medical patient in the state.

The treat, infused with 20,000 mg of THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, is “believed to be the world’s largest” and was created by MariMed Inc. in Norwood, 23 miles outside of Boston, the company said in a Dec. 7 news release.

It weighs 850 pounds and took over 24 hours to bake and prepare, Ryan Crandall, MariMed’s chief product officer, told McClatchy News via email.

Since 20,000 mg of THC is the maximum amount allowed for a medical marijuana patient in the state, Crandall said, the company wants to sell the giant brownie — measuring 3 feet wide and 3 feet long — to an interested patient.

MariMed, which also has cannabis dispensaries in Delaware and Illinois, created the cannabis treat to celebrate the launch of its new “Bubby’s Baked” brand of “precision-dosed” pot chewy edibles of brownies, chocolate chips and snickerdoodles, the release said.

The company also “heard that Dec. 8th is National Brownie Day and we also learned that the largest brownie ever was only a few hundred pounds,” Crandall explained.

“So we decided to smash the record, and we did with our 850 pound scrumptious monster.”

The largest brownie recorded in the Guinness World Records book weighed 234 pounds and was baked in 2013 by Something Sweet Bake Shop in Daphne, Alabama.

“Unfortunately, Guinness World Records rejected our entry because they don’t accept cannabis related records,” Crandall said. “That was a disappointment, but we’re still very proud of what we accomplished!”

A team of five people baked the pot brownie in a large commercial oven at MariMed’s cultivation and manufacturing facility in New Bedford, Massachusetts, according to Crandall.

Although a price for the huge brownie hasn’t been determined, for comparison, the pilot brand for Bubby’s Baked, the Bourne Baking, sells 250 mg of THC edibles at a dispensary in Middleborough to medical patients for $60, Crandall added.

In the state, recreational marijuana use, growing and possession became legal for adults 21 and older on Dec. 15, 2016.

Bubby’s Baked edibles are readily available throughout the state and will enter dispensary shelves in Delaware and Maryland in early 2022, according to the release.

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