'The World According to Jeff Goldblum' sneak peek: 'I don't rap'

See Goldblum rap with a musical robot in an exclusive clip from his Disney+ series

Video Transcript

- Shimon's code based improvisation has seen it tour the world, put out its own album. Shimon is even capable of writing its own lyrics. Listen to this.

- (SINGING) Pass is well, run with every star.

- But it still relies on modeling the output from human beings. So what happens when the person that Shimon is playing with is kind of terrible at one particular style?

- I don't-- I don't rap. I've never rapped in my life. [VOCALIZING]. (SINGING) I've never rapped, but I have [INAUDIBLE] mapped [INAUDIBLE] lapped and [INAUDIBLE] capped. But I wear a cap, but not like his cap [INAUDIBLE] Shimon, help me out now.

- Born to perform, champion of every art form. Always on the grind, that's what's on my mind. You're behind. Push your kind.

- (SINGING) That's what's on your mind? My behind, my kind. Get your eyes off my behind. I always [INAUDIBLE].

Shimon, that's good. Next time, we'll do it so he's not right behind me and then maybe he won't be so obsessed with the patoot.

- Do you get every word that he's saying?


- Neither did I.

DASH SMITH: Some of them were kind of sparse and disjointed ideas, like a baby learning how to respond.

- What a baby.


- What a sweet, little baby.

- So, there's just no getting away from the fact that Shimon's creativity is still directly dependent on us.

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