Woody Harrelson writes ode to baby girl who looks just like him: ‘I just wish I had your hair’

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Hollywood star Woody Harrelson had tried his hand at poetry having written a hilarious ode to a British baby girl who looks just like him.

The Zombieland actor said he was “flattered” to have been compared to the youngster after a side-by-side photo of the pair went viral on Twitter.

Dani Grier Mulveena, from Northern Ireland, took to Twitter on Wednesday (3 August) to share the hilarious spot-the-difference between Harrelson and her nine-month-old daughter, Cora.

“Ok but how does our daughter look like Woody Harrelson?” she wrote on Twitter.

Some 24,200 retweets and 444,400 likes later, the mother said: “Cora says thank you all so much for the likes and retweets and also that she doesn’t always look like Woody Harreslon, it’s just that when she does...she really really does.”

To her even greater surprise, however, the tweet was brought to the attention of the 61-year-old actor – who went as far as to compose an ode for his infant doppelgänger.

Posting to Instagram on Thursday evening, Harrelson wrote: “Ode to Cora – You’re an adorable child

“Flattered to be compared

“You have a wonderful smile

“I just wish I had your hair.”

Responding to the actor’s amusing verse, Cora’s mother admitted on Twitter “it’s not every day” Woody Harrelson writes your daughter a poem.

Mulveena also wrote under Harrelson’s post that he had made their day”, adding that she couldn’t wait to show Cora the poem when she was older.

Harrelson’s ode delighted fans, with one person commenting: “Everyone was hoping he’d respond, but this is better than anyone could have expected.”

Others jokingly speculated that Harrelson was in fact a close relation of Cora’s.

“Plot twist: you’re the real father,” said a second user, while another wrote: “Mr Harrelson must’ve been filming in your city a while back.”

A fourth person joked: “If I were the dad, I would be asking questions.”

A fifth person even reckoned Cora was in fact the actors “twin”, while another added: “Omg she really does! A much much cuter Woody though but Woody nonetheless!”

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