Woodstock approves MOUs with Yacht Club and Old Home Week

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The town finalized memorandums of understanding with a pair of high-profile entities during the April 9 meeting — the Woodstock Old Home Commission and the Valley Yacht Club.

Under the approved agreement with Old Home Week, the town will budget $5,000 to pay the commission annually before June 1.

The town will also provide and distribute promotional materials and in-kind support such as equipment and staff as determined by June 1.

The town will also provide OHW with ticket sales and a 25 per cent discount on facility rentals.

For its part, the WOHW commission will provide event dates six months in advance and financial details no later than April 1, annually.

The commission will provide town representatives opportunities to speak at events,

The commission must also provide the town with copies of liquor-license applications 60 days in advance of the event, submit special events applications 90 days in advance, and provide the town with detailed information regarding scheduling town staff 30 days in advance.

Under the agreement with the yacht club, the town agreed to budget $5,000 annually to pay before June 30. The town will also provide promotional materials for the club to distribute, mow the lawn leading to the club, cover property taxes, and maintain the roadway and boat launch.

CAO Garnett explained the road also leads to the town's wellhouse.

Meanwhile, the club must provide financials to the town no later than June 1 each year. It will also cover insurance on the docks and maintain its clubhouse. The yacht club also agreed to maintain the boat dock at King Street and participate in the annual parade of lights on Canada Day or an alternate day before the fireworks.

Jim Dumville, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, River Valley Sun