Wonder Woman Faces Mysterious Stranger in DC's Free Comic Book Day Offering (Exclusive)

Marcus Errico
Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Entertainment
DC Super Hero Girls Free Comic Book Day Special Edition No. 1 (Credit: DC Entertainment)

While the Wonder Woman feature film is still a month away, another version of DC’s signature hero will be in action in comic stores this weekend. To mark the annual Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, the publisher is releasing a chapter from the forthcoming DC Super Hero Girls graphic novel Summer Olympus, which finds adolescent versions of “Wondy,” Supergirl, and Batgirl struggling to juggle high school life with crime-fighting. And Yahoo Movies has your exclusive first look below.

The story features the young heroes sweeping up a bunch of junior villains when they encounter a mysterious new presence. The stranger turns out to be someone from the Amazon princess’ past.

DC Super Hero Girls Cover
DC Super Hero Girls p2
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DC Super Hero Girls p5
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Shea Fontana, who has scripted previous Super Hero Girls graphic novels and the animated series, and who will soon be taking over DC’s main Wonder Woman title, wrote the new book.  It’s one of 50-plus comics that will be available for free at your local comic shop on Saturday, May 6. Other notable gratis books include a solo DC Wonder Woman (all the Diana love comes as the film is set to arrive June 2), Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (timed to Vol. 2‘s opening this weekend) and Secret Empire, as well as issues of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Avatar, Dr. Who, and Betty & Veronica.

(Credit: DC/Marvel/Dark Horse/Titan/Archie/IDW)

Meanwhile, Fontana and the rest of Super Hero Girls creative time — illustrator Yancey Labat and colorist Monica Kubina — will be signing books in Southern California on Free Comic Book Day, while other members of the DC roster will be fanning out to other local comic shops (all the details are on DCComics.com) to mark the occasion.

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