Womenswear Label Rationalle Drops "Intimate Dialouge" Collection

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Founded by Erica Kiang, New York-based womenswear brand Rationalle has just unveiled its latest line, “Intimate Dialogue,” presenting reimagined basics and custom prints in an attempt to dive deeply into the relationship we have with our surroundings.

Inspired by the city of New York, the newest collection is a collaborative endeavor between designers and partners across the globe. Offering dizzying tube tops, complete with matching pants, alongside Y2K-inspired cybercore mesh tees, the brand's launch is the result of communal creativity and ideation, respectfully rebelling against a culture obsessed with the individual.

Standouts in the new range of garments include aqua knits, sliced at the collarbone, creating a far more exciting everyday top. Elsewhere, chocolate brown sets evoke an understated yet elegant aesthetic, while a 90’s-esque mint green slip adorned with flirtatious keyholes down the center takes a decidedly more cheeky route. Psychedelic halter jumpsuits arrive in earthy shades of green and brown while the spring shade makes its second appearnce in the form of a key lime green knit mini dress.

Established in 2020, Rationelle's initial mission was to foster global collaboration with other female creatives during the COVID-19 pandemic. From that time of uncertainty has sprung a team of engaged, queer femme artist working in tandem to create the unimaginable.

Take a look at RATIONALLE’s latest collection in the gallery above and head to the brand’s online store to purchase.

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