Women, Tell Me About A Wholesome Time When An Older Woman Completely And Totally Had Your Back

Women in general have had my back more times than I can count, but women who are older than me have helped and defended me in ways that — at the risk of sounding dramatic — have completely altered and enhanced my life. So now, I wanna know: Have you ever had a moment when an older woman jumped to your defense or had your back?

Jo from "Little Women" starting her iconic speech about women
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Maybe you were on your period and didn't realize you bled through your pants until a woman kindly and discreetly let you know — and even offered her jacket to wrap around your waist.

A woman is asking if she's on her period
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Maybe you were having a rough day, but then an older woman complimented your outfit and your smile, and suddenly, everything felt like it was going to be fine.

Molly from "I Love That For You" says "You're so sweet"
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Maybe you were a new hire, and on your first day in the office, an older woman took you under her wing, showed you the ropes, and ultimately made you feel like you belonged.

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Or perhaps you were visibly frustrated while you were out with your young child, and an older woman validated your feelings and told you you were doing the best you could that day.

Beanie Feldstein says, "It's gonna be okay"
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No matter what the case may be, if an older woman had your back, came to your defense, or just completely made your day, I wanna know all about it! If you want a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post, tell me your story down in the comments, or you can anonymously submit using this form.