Woman's 'embarrassing' story about her boyfriend Venmo-charging her has TikTok waving red flags: 'My jaw dropped'

A TikToker’s story time about an ex-boyfriend has sparked a conversation about shared finances.

The user @jackieli852 couldn’t believe how her ex dealt with money. She recounted an incident where she asked him to drop off cold medication at her house. She was sick, so he went to the store and picked up the meds for her. Then, he did what @jackieli852 felt was unthinkable.

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“Next day, I wake up, and he has Venmo-charged me $7 for this medicine,” she said. “He Venmo-charged me $7 for cold medicine.”

While she understood being protective of one’s finances, at the time, they were together for four years. Ultimately, she said she prefers a relationship where each person takes turns taking care of things rather than keeping track of expenses dollar to dollar.

“Wasn’t meant to be,” she said.

The video racked up 5.3 million views. People were stunned by her ex’s behavior.

“When you said 4 years my jaw dropped,” a user wrote.

“My ex of 2 years made me Venmo him for the avocado I wanted at the grocery store as we were shopping for dinner,” another said.

“My logic about is that if we love each other we won’t mind spending money on little things like that while we’re dating,” a TikToker commented.

“My ex asked me to give him $2 for fries once… literally so embarrassing,” someone added.

“I get splitting rent, bills, restaurant meals and planned date night outings, but $7 cold medicine when you’re sick in bed? And the day after?” a person replied.

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