Woman's Boyfriend Surprises Her by Proposing During Rom-Com Tour of New York City: 'It Was Perfect'

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Dejana Kusic and Pavle Kosovik Engagement
Dejana Kusic and Pavle Kosovik Engagement

Lizzie Hyman Dejana Kusic and fiancé Pavle Kosovik

We'll have what she's having!

Dejana Kusic tells PEOPLE she "always wanted to be proposed to in Central Park" — but she had no idea her dream proposal would take place on a romantic-comedy movie sites tour.

"The Rom-Com tour is special," says long-time guide Laura Walter of On Location Tours. Even more special than visiting some of the city's most loved-up locations? Helping facilitate silver screen-worthy proposals.

In fact, her most recent leading lady was actually Kusic, Walter's co-worker, who thought she was volunteering to do a run-through of the tour with her then-boyfriend, Pavle Kosovik.

The site-seeing experience began at Cafe Lalo, made famous by the romantic comedy You've Got Mail starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. From there, Kusic and Kosovik took a quick drive in a private car to Jess and Marie's Brownstone in When Harry Met Sally, another romance favorite starring Ryan as well as Billy Crystal.

Dejana Kusic and Pavle Kosovik Engagement
Dejana Kusic and Pavle Kosovik Engagement

Lizzie Hyman Dejana Kusic and fiancé Pavle Kosovik

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Of course, no N.Y.C. rom-com tour would be complete without a stop at Lincoln Center, home to some famous films including Moonstruck, Sweet Home Alabama and West Side Story. And on the way to the Plaza Hotel — which is featured in a number of classics including The Way We Were, and Sleepless in Seattle — the group stopped by Tiffany & Co., a key spot in none other than Breakfast at Tiffany's.

But the last stop on the tour is where the magic really happened: Central Park.

Kosovik, who was in town visiting from Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he lives, knew that it would be the perfect place to pop the question.

Surprise Proposal
Surprise Proposal

Dejana Kusic and fiancé Pavle Kosovik

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Inside the park, the group made a stop at Bow Bridge, a walkway that's been featured in too many romantic comedies to count.

"It is written in mythology that if a couple walks over the bridge holding hands, they will be together forever," Walter said as Kusic and Kosovik interlocked their hands and made their way over the bridge, stopping halfway for photos.

And at that exact moment, Kosovik, who does not speak much English, pulled out a ring, got down on one knee, and asked Kusic to be his wife in Serbian.

And just like in a romantic movie, she said yes.

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So did her own engagement live up to the romantic proposals seen on screen?

"It was perfect," she tells PEOPLE. "This was one of the most important and best days of our lives."

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Adds Walter, "As someone who has worked with Dejana for a while and knows what a wonderful person she is, it made me so incredibly happy to be part of one of the most special moments of her life."

"She deserves nothing but the best in life," says the tour guide who facilitated the engagement, "and Pavle is such a kind and loving man and now fiancé."