Woman warns TikTokers to avoid citrus fruits and sun exposure after bad skin reaction

This TikToker issued a warning about eating citrus fruits out in the sun after she had a bad reaction.

TikToker @pretty.frowns didn’t think much of her 4th of July plans. She went to the beach and had her usual cocktail with lime — but soon after, she woke up with dark spots around her lips.

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“Went to the beach on 4th of July for drinks,” she said in the video. “Woke up with a weird brown mark on my face. It starts hurting so I rushed to the dermatologist. She asked me what I drank over the weekend.

“I told her my usual cocktail with lime. She told me I had phytophotodermatitis, a skin reaction from lime juice and sun exposure. Pls avoid citrus fruits + sun exposure this summer.”

Commenters could definitely relate to her experience.

“THIS HAPPENED TO ME! I got it all over my stomach… Don’t drink too much citrus while in the sun,” a user said.

“I got this all over my hands when I ate tacos with lime and went into the sun. The scarring lasted for a year,” another wrote.

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“I’ve been wondering what this brown and now peeling spot on my finger was from since the 4th. 100% this!!” someone added.

“So I used a lemon peel mask the night before a family photo shoot, I’m in the sun 30 min and same happened to me! It did lighten though!!” a person added.

“I had this on my hand from squeezing limes, it was legit a 2nd degree burn, huge blisters and scarring, you got lucky!” a TikToker replied.

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