Woman on TikTok shares what it’s like to attend Glastonbury while 34 weeks pregnant

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A mother-to-be has shared her experience at Glastonbury while 34 weeks pregnant (GirlBossAdventure/Instagram/TikTok)
A mother-to-be has shared her experience at Glastonbury while 34 weeks pregnant (GirlBossAdventure/Instagram/TikTok)

A woman is going viral on TikTok as she documents her time at Glastonbury festival while 34 weeks pregnant.

Lois Mallett-Walker, who goes by username @girlbossadventure on the platform, is proving that it is possible to enjoy a music festival despite being heavily pregnant.

The mother-to-be has shared videos of her comfortable set-up at the campsite, and how she has safely managed to watch some of her favourite artists.

Arriving at the festival two days ago, Mallett-Walker and her husband set up a tent with a large inflatable chair and footstool – which she says has been “lifesaving”.

The couple had debated whether to attend the festival, having purchased their tickets three years ago, but made the decision because they have “always wanted to come”.


Our cozy set up tonight at Glastonbury. I’m gonna give you all an honest review of what it’s like camping here 8 1/2 months pregnant 🤰 and let you know how it goes… #glasto #glastonburyfestival #glastonbury #pregnant #mumtobe #mum #fyp #foryourpage #foryou #lifehacks #8monthspregnant

♬ Feels Like Summer - Samuel Jack

“I’m going to give you all an honest review of what it’s like camping here eight-and-a-half months pregnant and let you know how it goes...” Mallet-Walker told her followers.

Addressing concerns about her safety in large crowds, Mallet-Walker said the festival grounds were so big that it didn’t feel congested in most places.

To avoid big groups of people and remain comfortable, she sits on a foldable chair at the back of the crowd during most artists’ sets.

In one video, Mallet-Walker disclosed that she had slept better on a blow-up mattress at Glastonbury than she does on her regular bed at home.

“No joke, I slept better than I do at home. I think I need to start sleeping on an air bed instead of my king-size bed because it seems to move better with the weight of the day,” she wrote.

While making sure she sees some of the biggest acts at the festival, including Sam Fender and rock band FOALS, Mallet-Walker has also been taking time to relax during the day.

“I always have a nap at home in the afternoon so that’s a routine I’m sticking with,” she said, showing herself back in the couple’s tent.

The mother-to-be is also taking the opportunity to showcase her festival style and bare her pregnancy bump.

In one video, she’s seen dressed in a colourful floral co-ord comprised of flared trousers and a matching crop top.

“About to go watch The Blossoms play so thought flower power,” she said of the ensemble.

One Tiktok user asked whether the couple had considered the possibility that she could give birth at the festival, but Mallet-Walker said they came well-prepared.

“I’m pretty sure I won’t, my baby bag is in the car...any sign I’m outta here [sic],” she responded.

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