Woman sparks debate after revealing how her husband reminds her to ‘tuck in’ her stomach when taking photos

A woman has sparked a debate aftering revealing how her husband reminds her to “tuck” her stomach in when taking photos.

In a video posted to TikTok last month, Saira, @sairaayan__, shared a clip of her and her husband taking a picture together.

“When you’re taking pictures and he reminds you to tuck in your stomach,” she wrote in text over the video.

The footage featured Saira’s partner lightly tapping her stomach, prompting her to readjust her posture. The pair then looked at each other before Saira briefly touched her stomach and they both smiled at the camera. In the caption of the post, Saira poked fun at her mixed feelings about her husband’s reminder.

“I appreciate it but at the same time do I get mad at him for doing that?” she wrote.

As of 3 October, the video has more than 2.3m views, with many TikTok users criticising Saira’s husband and expressing how they would not be comfortable with their partners telling them to tuck their stomachs in.

‘No...even if I asked him his response should be WHY? YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!” one person wrote. “Why would you let anyone encourage anything like that?”

“I would not accept this,” another added, while a third person said: “That’s so messed up.”

However, many viewers defended Saira’s husband and said that they do the same thing as the TikTok before taking pictures.


I appreciate it but at the same time do I get mad at him for doing that?😂😂

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“For everyone saying that it’s so messed up, I think he does it cause he knows she’ll get mad the pics didn’t turn out how she wanted it,” one person wrote.

Another person added: “My friend does this to me because she knows I’ll look back at the pictures and not like them.”

Saira also praised her husband in the comments, explaining how she hates looking “bloated” in pictures and that she is “more than fine with” her husband reminding her to tuck her stomach in.

“We’ve been married [two] years and he’s my best friend, he knows I’ll hate the picture afterwards if I look hella bloated,” she wrote. “I told him to remind me if I forget to tuck my tummy in myself. I’m literally more than fine with it. I more than appreciate everyone coming to my defence tho.”

The Independent has contacted Saira for comment.