Woman shares her ‘morning menu’ hack to be more productive

Valerie Ribon (@valerieribon), a certified holistic health coach, posted a video showing her strategy for maintaining a morning routine, which now includes her waking up at 6:30 a.m.

Ribon explained how she creates menus with her tasks on them. She has one for morning, night, cleaning and her hobbies. On each menu, Ribon says to put five things you love to do and five things the best version of yourself does. Then in the morning, you can select three to five tasks to perform, but only one from the cleaning menu.

She also recommends making the menus on paper and decorating them instead of making them in your notes app.

Ribon’s tactic for making a morning routine — even though it’s flexible — can have major health benefits. According to a study conducted by the Ohio State University, people who start the day in a good mood tend to think more positively about themselves throughout the day. Furthermore, a morning routine can help people feel in control of their lives, which can also lead to higher levels of happiness and satisfaction.

On top of starting the day off right, Ribon notes how going offline can also be a positive thing — especially when it’s time for bed.

“Bc phoneless … nights are elite,” Ribon wrote in her post.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, using your phone right before bed can have negative effects — which is why Ribon recommends having the menus on paper. Nighttime phone usage can keep the mind engaged, negatively impact vision and stir up intense emotions before sleep.

“Checking your phone stimulates your brain,” Michelle Drerup, a sleep medicine expert, told the Cleveland Clinic. “You’re more active and awake. Even just a quick check can engage your brain and delay sleep.”

Ribon’s hack for creating routines gained traction with her viewers, as several of them tried it out for themselves.

“I struggle with this so much, trying to fit in every single little tiny habit that I have because I have so many different health and wellness habits,” said Tay Crums (@taycrums) in a video showing off her version of the menu. “There’s just not enough time in the day to do all of them.”

Crum’s followers, like Ribon’s, were completely on board with this idea.

“This solves my problem of trying to do it all,” commented @reganvvictoria.

“LOVE!!! For sure going to do this,” replied @allisonlovespizza.

Right now, the hashtag #morningmenu has over 1.8 million views, as TikTokers are assembling their lists of productive habits.

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