Woman in Scotland spots shadowy figure on CCTV; calls priest to bless her home

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A woman in Scotland called a priest to bless her house after spotting a shadowy figure on her CCTV.

Maxine Hughes from Barrowfield area in Glasgow observed a shadowy figure on footage recorded by her CCTV. Hughes reportedly called a priest to bless her home after she saw the disturbing shadow on the video clip that recorded the area outside her home.

After seeing the shadow multiple times, Maxine also told her sister Nicki Mulheron about the incident. The clip was shared by Nicki on Facebook as she informed viewers that the clip was shot by her sister.

The black shadowy figure can be seen circling around the home starting from a caravan.

People in the comments section were naturally spooked after watching the video and shared Nicki's astonishment.

Many of them said that they were trying to figure out what it was but couldn't.

However, one user said that it seems to him that a bug was crawling over the camera, giving this shadow.

Another Facebook user said that it is an ant walking on the camera out of focus.

A Facebook user named Kayleigh Louise also said that the still image of the shadow makes it look like a feather.

Reportedly, Maxine lives in the home with her partner and two children, 12-year-old Ashton and a 6-year-old.


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