Woman says she was ‘shocked’ to learn some people pay family members to babysit their kids

woman talks about paid family babysitting

Should babysitting be a paid gig? Not always, according to one TikTokker.

Kaitlyn Wilson says it’s “absurd” that some people charge their family for babysitting. In a now-viral video, she explained how she approaches babysitting her nephew, and her take actually makes a lot of sense.

“I was telling somebody the other day that I watch my nephew for my sister, once a week roughly or just whenever she needs, and they were so shocked that I did it for free,” she said. “Like, are other people’s families out here charging them to watch their kids for a few hours? That’s absolutely absurd if they are.”

Wilson continued, “I get the opportunity to create a relationship with my nephew by babysitting him and being around him. The fact that other people feel like they would need to be paid to hang out with their nieces, nephews, grandkids … is so messed up.”

She went on to say that when adults keep a tally of every single favor they do for one another — especially when it comes to watching younger family members — it puts a strain on their relationships.

“And I swear, it will be those same adults at family parties being like, ‘Oh my god, why doesn’t so-and-so want to hug me or talk to me?’ They don’t f*cking know you, dude,” she said. “I feel like it’s not that hard to show up for and support people in your family, especially if you live near them.”

Wilson makes a good point, and many people in the comments agreed.

“We pay eachother in treats and random errands,” one commenter wrote.

Another said, “Is it really babysitting? Or is it just spending time with family? It’s just spending time for me.”

One hilarious comment reads, “My mom, sisters, and MIL would throw themselves into oncoming traffic before accepting payment for watching my son.”

But others added more nuance to the take, which also makes sense.

“I feel if ur a adult do it for free but if its a teen relative give them some money my uncle used to pay me now I do it for free cuz it have a job now,” one commenter wrote. That’s totally valid! Pay teens for doing chores for you, absolutely!

Another added, “Yep. If it’s consistent, I’m not doing a full time job without pay. If it’s a date night, free. But Monday through Friday? That’s a job.”

Agree with that, too. Favors are one thing, but providing childcare is another — and no one should expect that for free.