Woman says her boyfriend suddenly becomes ‘sick’ when she’s sick: 'How can I get him to stop?'

A woman’s “hypochondriac” boyfriend claims to feel sick every time she’s under the weather, and she’s becoming increasingly frustrated with the strange pattern.

The woman took to Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum to ask for advice. She wants to know how to gently tell her boyfriend that his copycat sickness habit is taking a toll on their relationship.

“We’ve been together for two years and every single time I become sick my boyfriend starts complaining about being so much sicker than me,” the woman shares.

She explains that when she had tonsillitis, her boyfriend “suddenly was dying from tonsillitis.” Then, another time, when she had a urinary tract infection (UTI), her boyfriend coincidentally developed a UTI as well.

“Every single time I get better he magically gets better too,” the woman complains.

Things reached a breaking point in December, when the woman got sick with a virus.

“I got very sick on the 23rd of this month and have been in bed for all of Christmas,” the woman shares. “I’m really upset over missing the holiday and I can’t even complain about it to him as now he’s suddenly ‘dying’ sick with the same thing but it’s somehow ‘worse.’”

Despite claiming to be extremely ill, however, the boyfriend felt well enough to go out with friends. Meanwhile, the woman was bedridden.

“This virus has had me bed bound for 4 days and he went out last night drinking and is currently going to work, but insists he’s just as sick as me,” she explains.

“How can I get him to stop? It’s driving me mad,” the woman asks Reddit.

Redditors concerned about boyfriend’s behavior

Redditors were disturbed by the boyfriend’s behavior and theorized it might be his way of avoiding taking care of his girlfriend.

“People that are self centered do this. It’s because they don’t want to care for someone else. They want to be cared for,” one reader commented.

“This sounds exhausting and I would not date someone who does this,” commented another Redditor.

In an update, however, the woman shared that she is very happy in her relationship and believes her boyfriend is simply suffering from hypochondria.

“He goes above and beyond in every other aspect of our relationship,” she writes.

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