Woman reveals American Airlines employee’s amusing response to her breakup

A woman has claimed an American Airlines employee made an unexpected remark about her love life.

TikToker Kirpa (@kirpa_sudick) took to the popular platform to detail her recent customer service experience attempting to find out her options for a trip she had booked. However, the phone call reportedly took an amusing return when the person on the other line allegedly made insinuations about her original intention in booking the trip.

“Called American Airlines cause going through a breakup and had a trip planned to Portugal,” Kirpa explained in the 18 February post. “That’s obviously not going to happen anymore.”

“So, I wanted to see what my options were to get my money back or flight credit,” she continued.

Kirpa went on to say that she called the airline and told the woman on the phone about her situation.

“She’s click, click, clicking, looking at the details. And she’s like: ‘Oh, honey. This trip’s all the way in September. You really had a high hopes for this relationship. Better that you learned and figured all this out now than later,’” the TikTok user claimed.

“I was like: ‘Yeah, yeah, okay. Thanks,’” Kirpa added.

In the caption, Kirpa tagged American Airlines and wrote: “Keepin it real.”

Over 500 viewers commented on her post, quipping about the employee’s alleged response to her situation.

One individual said: “Go by yourself and enjoy ! That’s what I did, I had a trip planned to London, went anyways and meet someone while there and he took me on a date to Paris.”

“Omg I love this! Manifesting this for myself in Portugal lol,” Kirpa replied.

A second noted: “Damn that was loud.”

“Babes if you don’t go to Portugal anyways new chapter, good luck,” another commented, to which Kirpa clarified: “I kept my ticket and I’m still going!!”

Another TikTok user added: “I will say that this is why I refused to book an international trip four months in advance before. I just knew it was coming.”

Meanwhile, someone else remarked: “Very HIGH hopes....because why do I have a trip in May and haven’t even thought of booking it yet but you booked for September??”

“We were together for four years and i love to plan ahead lol,” Kirpa responded.

The Independent has contacted Kirpa and American Airlines for a comment.