Woman captures moment sharks swim 'crazy' close to shore at Florida beach: 'It happens all the time'

Shark Week isn’t only on Discovery this year. Florida swimmers got quite a surprise from Mother Nature last weekend.

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Patrons of Neptune Beach in Jacksonville were greeted by several sharks lurking in shallow water. Instagram user Kara Skonieczny was at Neptune when the hysteria unfolded and captured the gang of sharks in motion.

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“There was a little excitement this weekend. I caught a glimpse of few sharks feeding on baitfish close to shore in Neptune Beach Florida,” the video caption stated.

In Skonieczny’s footage, about four shark fins could be seen protruding from the water’s surface. The sharks were pretty close to the shore. A person could be heard shouting, “Get out the water!” while a few children were audibly remarking on the wonder.

“It’s crazy to think we all play in the waves and boom there’s a shark,” a user wrote.

“Wow. That’s close to shore,” another said.

“It happens all the time!” someone added.

“One thing to keep in mind is sharks are not out there trying to eat surfers and swimmers,” said Chris Paparo of the South Fork Natural History Museum’s shark research team told the New York Post. “They’d much rather eat fish, but in many cases, they mistake us for their actual prey. When they do bite, they usually move on.”

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