Woman furious over mom’s ‘unacceptable’ text to her husband: ‘Your mother is sabotaging your marriage’

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A woman is being called out for not sticking up for her husband enough.

She told her story on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. Her mother always compares her husband, Scott, to her ex-boyfriend Martin, who is wealthy. After she repeatedly made digs at Scott about his finances, Scott finally stood up to his mother-in-law.

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“I recently married my husband, Scott,” she explained. “Before I met him, I was engaged to my former fiance, Martin. We broke it off because the relationship was sort of pushed by my family because he’s a doctor and comes from a wealthy family. When our relationship ended, my mom was devastated. She did her best to bring us back together. For example, she lied to Martin about me being pregnant to ‘save us.’ That was years ago. Now we’re all on good terms, including Martin.

“My mom has a bit of tension toward Scott. She treats him well but constantly makes passive, nagging comments about him. She compares him to Martin all the time, which bothers both of us, but we try to let it slide. My mom kept telling Scott about the diamond ring, new car and bank account Martin got for his fiancee and kept sending him photos, saying how generous Martin is to his fiancee. She then compared him to Scott and what he had done for me. I told her to stop doing this, and she apologized.”

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But the mom’s apology didn’t really hold up, and she was back to her old ways soon enough.

“Last week, we were over at my parents’ house for a social gathering. A lot of relatives came,” she wrote. “At dinner, my mom asked Scott if he saw the text she sent him. She told him to check it right then and read it out loud so everyone at the table could hear. He took his phone and started reading the text out loud. Her text mentioned how Martin got his fiancee a new house and how generous he was, then said that Martin is younger than Scott yet was able to buy a house.”

“I was shocked, and Scott was pissed, obviously. However, he didn’t lash out or anything. He looked at the text, smiled and said, ‘You know, what gets me about this entire text is how you were a public educator for 30 years, yet you can’t differentiate between the passive you and the contraction you’re, good god! The thought of all the children that must’ve been left behind!’ Everyone at the table busted into laughter, and my mom’s face went pale. Then she and my sister started yelling at me, saying Scott was being awfully rude. I left but kept getting told to talk to him and get him to apologize for what he did.”

Redditors felt the wife needed to do a better job setting boundaries.

“You should be telling her that SHE needs to apologize for her unacceptable actions,” a person commented.

“Your mother is sabotaging your marriage, and you are allowing it to happen,” another wrote.

“Grow a freaking spine and tell your mom in no uncertain terms to cut that s*** out,” a user said.

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