Woman fumes over corporate job sending her arts and crafts instead of 'mental health support': 'I quit'

A woman who works in corporate America quit her job after the terrible “gift” the company gave her.

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TikToker Kae Coe was just plain fed up with her employer. After allegedly denying employees adequate healthcare and other benefits that might improve their mental health, the company seemingly sent out mood-boosting care packages instead. They were essentially arts and craft boxes from the company Scribl whose slogan is: “Make stuff. Feel better.”

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“We got this box instead of raises, adequate medical insurance, any sort of actual health support, instead of 401K,” the video text read. “A billionaire owns this international company. This ‘gift’ was not asked for.”

The box was full of construction paper, markers, colored pencils and a single tennis shoe to paint for fun.

“I’m gonna give this to a local elementary school because I know they will appreciate these things a lot more than I do,” Coe said of the supplies. “To really add insult to injury they sent a coloring book,” she said.

The coloring book was all about processing feelings. She showed a drawing of herself giving a middle finger and a mad lib that she had filled in.

“Sometimes I feel this company sucks, and that feels like I’ve made poor life decisions,” the mad lib read.

“I quit this job today,” she added in the comment section.

People shared some of the corporate consolation prizes they received for their “mental health” in the comments.

“We’ve received coffee mugs filled with candy shipped in just a padded envelope so they’d be broken on arrival,” a person said.

“We got a pamphlet telling us to reach out for help [if] we need it. My insurance hardly covers my therapy,” another wrote.

“As a nurse who worked throughout the entire pandemic, we got a lifesaver candy and a box of doughnuts instead of hazard pay,” a TikToker replied.

“We got a two-hour picnic that we had to bring the food to,” someone added.

“I got a water bottle with a pamphlet about therapy that our insurance doesn’t cover. My manager handed it to me, I handed it back,” a user shared.

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