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Woman claims Snapchat AI lies about being able to see pictures: ‘Snapchat needs to fix it’

Snapchat recently revealed its contribution to the artificial intelligence (AI) community with “My AI” — a chatbot users can communicate with — as well as other features.

According to a Snapchat press release, “the chatbot only has access to a Snapchatter’s location if they’ve already granted permissions to Snapchat.” The chatbot, which can hold conversations with the user, alleges it doesn’t have access to users’ photos.

However, a video from @chemicallycammi claims otherwise.

She sent a picture of her with a thumbs up to the chatbot and got a response saying, “Looks like you’re having a great day!” She then asked My AI if it could see her snaps, to which it responded, “I can’t see your snaps, but I’m sure they’re amazing.”

After that interaction, she wanted to test the waters a little more.

“I need to see if I can get it to say something specific, so I sent it another snap,” she said. “This one I sent of my cat Athena, and she’s all scrunched up… Hopefully, it can get that that’s a cat. And if it can, that’s crazy.”

Once it received the picture, My AI allegedly said, “Your cat looks so adorable.” @Chemicallycammi confronted the chatbot and was allegedly met with this response: “Oops, I’m sorry! I meant to say that I can’t see your snaps, but I’m sure the cat is adorable and cozy!”

She was frazzled by the conversation with the chatbot, and so were many of the people watching.

“Snapchat needs to fix it,” said @gothcandys.

“How is the ai better at gaslighting than some people,” replied @yoimi.7a.

Users have been able to send pictures back and forth with My AI since April 19, and Snapchat understands there are still bugs to fix in the early going.

A Snapchat spokesperson told In The Know that My AI only receives individual snaps and doesn’t go through a user’s camera roll. They also acknowledged that the program will produce incorrect responses and is constantly learning.

The spokesperson also said that users are encouraged to report inaccurate responses with an in-app tool.

While their response does admit that My AI can see photos, it also can give a little piece of mind to those who feel the program is seeing things it isn’t supposed to.

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