Woman claims new face tattoo 'fell off' after 3 days: 'I woke up without it'

A woman claims that, after getting a face tattoo in Florida, it fell off.

TikToker @ratqueen412 didn’t offer many details on the situation. After getting a small tattoo on her face, it faded from the original spot and ended up somewhere else. The unusual video racked up 2.2 million views.

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“I got my face tattoed in Fort Lauderdale and three days later it FELL OFF MY FACE…” the video text read.

In the video, she received a tiny star tattoo under her eye. But after a few days, it appeared to transfer onto her finger.

When a person in the comments suggested she “be thankful” she replied, “Nah I got it redone.”

“Everything happens for a reason baby. Good thing it did,” a user wrote.

Someone else asked why so many were opposed to face tattoos, she replied, “I wish I knew lol. They act like it’s some kind of life altering thing LOL. I still have my same job and can be covered with makeup if REALLY needed.”

“Probably wasn’t deep enough and your skin healed it. Your skin looks fresh and healthy so I wouldn’t be surprised,” another said.

“That happened to a star on my foot except I woke up without it and it was stuck to my blanket,” a TikToker commented.

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