Woman chased by man while running shares her 'scary experience': 'I just screamed'

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A runner says that she was chased by a man who tried to ask for her number.

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TikToker @lucy.holz recorded herself right after the encounter happened. She explained that she had “quite a scary experience” on her run. While going for the routine jog, she noticed a man kept staring at her. Then, she noticed he was following her.

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After first observing the man leering at her, she noticed him on her tail. When she would run past him, he would run to catch up to her. Eventually, he started running right next to her and asked for her number. She told him, no, and he seemed to back off.

Unfortunately, the experience shook her up so much she couldn’t complete her run because she didn’t want to see the creep again. She was left crying near the main road, waiting for her boyfriend to come and pick her up.

“It was just like really scary,” she said, crying. “And obviously, I’m so not interested. I’m running. I’m wearing headphones.”

People showed their support for her after the harrowing incident.

“I’m so sorry, it’s not fair that you just can’t enjoy getting out and running,” a TikToker commented.

“I don’t understand men who do this. Did he actually think you’d want his number,” a user said.

“Normalize that you’re allowed to be wearing headphones on your run without being made to feel unsafe and then made to feel like you’re in the wrong,” a person replied.

“I’m so sorry I’ve had this happen when walking to the bus, it’s so stressful and I’m proud of you for getting through it,” someone added.

“This happened to me. I just screamed at the top of my lungs angrily. Scared him. He ran off. Please don’t run in that area anymore,” another wrote.

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